Galwyn Norash

Leader of the company and wannabe knight


Race Human
Class Fighter
Level 6
Alignment Lawful Good


Galwyn was born in a small town outside of Bet Sehtor in Tokis. When he was young and impressionable, the unthinkable happened to his town. It was attacked by a hydra. Galwyn was separated from his family in the attack, cornered by the creature in the ruins of his home when a paladin of The True came to his rescue.

From that day forth Galwyn was enamoured with the notion of paladins and devoted his life to fighting in the service of good. Having come from an upper lower class family, he was unable to enter the service of a lord. Although he did not know the name of his savior, he followed in his footsteps and became anointed by the Truthseekers.

When a retired adventurer name Oventi came to live in Galwyn’s home town, he was astounded. Impressed with his spirit, Oventi taught him to write and how to speak in merchants tongue. After a successful and boring language lesson, Oventi would reward him with a tale from his youth. Galwyn would always ask for more details about the monsters of his tales, although Oventi would often invent details which he did not know or couldn’t remember.

Eventually though, Galwyn was old enough to question his mentor, and the two began to argue fiercely about ethical matters. Oventi cursed Galwyn’s naivety and the two became estranged.

Galwyn was convinced that civilization itself was the antithesis to evil (which, in his mind, was synonymous with chaotic monsters and criminals). So he got into law enforcement as a member of the local militia, but found that his men’s sentences would often be overruled by guardsmen working for the overbearing earl. Wanting to have more authority in the matters, he joined up with the earl’s men.

Soon though, he was caught up in an operation to quell a rebellion. His own home town as well as several others on the outskirts of Bet Sehtor took up arms against the emperor and by extension, the earl. Galwyn’s comrades used public displays of violence against innocents to try and end the rebellion, and many citizens from his home, his family included, were taken captive. Unable to bear the burden of his duties, he stole a sword and backpack full of supplies and ran for the Pekalese border.

Galwyn looked for a chance to join with Pekal in its war with Tokis, but just before pledging his allegiance to this new country, overheard a group of Pekalese soldiers bragging about their brutal exploits across the border. He couldn’t bring himself to join with another force which blurred the lines between right and wrong. His faith shaken, he was a broken young man.

But on the eve of his breaking, he met with Ibun, a righteous cleric of the Cathedral of Light. This dwarf knew what it was to fight for good, and had also fled from Kalamar and its emperor’s tyranny. During their night of drunken woes at the local tavern, they were approached by another dwarf named Bofort Blackwater. They bonded quickly, and Bofort suggested that they travel north to Frandor’s Keep to start anew.

Galwyn Norash

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