Bofort Blackwater

A claustrophobic dwarf seeking freedom and fortune.


Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter Thief
Level: 6
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Religion: Face of the Free


Bofort Baru-zhad was born and raised in the Dashahn Mountains of Svimohzia, the fourth of eight children—a very large family by dwarven standards. Pushed into the family business against his will, Bofort was caught in a terrible mining accident with his younger brother, Barzun. His brother tragically perished, but Bofort was miraculously rescued after being buried alive for three days. Bilnik, their youngest brother, still blames Bofort for Barzun’s death to this day.

Following a long convalescence, Bofort sought freedom from the oppressive tunnels and painful memories of his home. For a while, he ferried trade goods with his uncle Bolimur down the Izhano river to Monam-ahnoz, the sparkling capital of Meznamish on the shores of Mewzhano Bay.

But Bofort was still restless, and eventually found new work with Captain Shazrak aboard the Scheherezade, a whaling ship sailing out of Monam-ahnoz. Long hours flensing the catch taught him how to handle a glaive; defending the ship from pirates in the Straits of Svimohzia taught him how to kill with it.

Recognizing his natural talents, the captain introduced Bofort to the other side of his business—smuggling—and began instructing him in the ways of the scofflaw. After several more seasons of gainful employment, Bofort Blackwater decided to set out and explore Tellene aboard any merchant vessel that would hire him on, seeking his fortune and freedom over the horizon.

Bofort Blackwater

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