Galwyn & Company

The return to P'Bpar
A farewell to good friends

After making their way to the Goldhart mine, the characters were greeted warmly by King Forbarek Goldheart, the grand nephew of the last king of Barasta. The fact that they found the ancient city was awe inspiring enough, but the tales of them vanquishing two ancient Shadows and their hordes of skeletons, not to mention Flesh Eating Slime and Corrosive Ooze, put the dwarves’ hospitality over the top.

Bjorn took the opportunity to self train to level four, while the others healed up. Telarai, Ibun, Bofort and a contingent of dwarves returned to Barasta to see it for themselves. Telarai wizard locked the door and gave the dwarves the pass phrase. Meanwhile, another group of dwarves returned to the wagons and retrieved most of the stores.

King Goldhart spent much time with Ibun, and when the time came to begin preparations for the return to P’Bpar, Ibun announced that he had struck a deal with the king. In repayment for two years of service assisting with the re-establishment of Barasta and teaching the ways of the Eternal Lantern, the dwarves would amass troops to send with Ibun to help reclaim Karasta.

The news was taken hard, then Telarai announced that he planed to visit Lendelwood, since they were so close and he had yet to visit the home of his ancestors. He implored to the group to accompany him, and briefly they considered it, but the contacts they had made in P’Bapar, along with the access to university training compelled them to stay their course.

Soon the elf and the dwarf, who had adventured with Galwyn and Bofort for over a year (counting pre-game time) said their goodbyes. The party left for P’Bapar, stopping only for a few hours for Calendil to return to Barasta and retrieve the Everfull Flascon from Telarai. The elf kept Choarekā€™s Shock Shoes and the Wrap of Protection, and Ibun kept the Wand of Illumination and the scroll with the Temple of the Patient Arrow spells.

The journey to P’Bapar went swiftly, interrupted briefly by a detour around the landslide.

In Koroliden, at The Brave King Brewpit, Galwyn and Brendol’s childhood friend Jelvlen tried to convince Brendol to seek out his father. Brendol was resolute, he would travel to P’Bapar and if his father had anything to say he could find him there. And that’s what his father did. The proud Baron Lindomar Torist, swallowed his pride and apologized. He convinced his son to return to his side at Koroliden, where he could better provide for Brendol’s training needs.

While Bjorn took up patrol of the markets again, Galwyn, Bofort and Calendil trained at the University of P’Bapar. Under the tutelage of Pitar Paternis, a cleric of the House of Solace, and a staff of trainers, the three trained to level 6. Bofort made an approachable acquaintance in the Master of the university, a rich merchant named Ichil Vovren. He won 7 SP gambling. Calendil made an approachable acquaintance in Gulasar, a Kalamaran fighter/mage and gained a minor healing potion from Pitar, when he told the tale of their near destruction by flesh eating slime and skeletons.

Galwyn made the aquantance of a 7th level Fighter named Senden. Senden told Galwyn that the magical Moon Charm of Diadolai has been discovered in Norga-Krangrel, in the hands of a hobgoblin upstart. Its presence is said to be causing great dissension among the people and it has attracted many Moonknights seeking to regain the charm.

Senden comes from Korak. His brother Relemir is a Nightlight in the church studying in Korem, the city of swords. Relemir sent word of the discovery and would be a good conneciton for Galywn, should he ever be travelling through Korak.


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